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Health & Nutrition

At Jasats we are passionate about health and nutritious contribution of our products. Since our chefs come from a history of cooking with fresh products. We at Jasats use only the finest fresh ingredients and good quality ingredients.

A word from our chef and director

Hajra says: “ I only use ingredients and create recipes, that I would feed to my children and family,  if I can't eat it I won't make it, and that’s why I put my name on the brand”

Its all about the right food choices. We try very hard in maintaining and creating products that are packed with good quality ingredients, making your job as the customer easier – To help us, we have continued to use supplies from local farms, to get the freshest quality ingredients straight into our products. with Jasats you can be rest assured that the food you eat is every bit as good as what Hajra would make for her kids.


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