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Company today

From a 3 up 2 down Victorian terraced house, to a 3000 sqft industrial unit. Jasats has come a long way in over 10 years. Trading from a terraced house where the husband and wife team worked all hours to perfect recipes and fine tune deliveries. From just two varieties of pies and one manual champion pie blocker, we know have a six station automatic pie machine, and a strong 15 man team, making over 15 varieties of products, all stored and dispatched from our top notch site in Blackburn.

Our three top of the range vans deliver in and around the northwest England, Midlands, Scotland and Yorkshire. Our aim is to serve the UK with traditional quality handmade English pies, pasties and other deliciously prepared food without ever compromising on taste or quality.

Above all where continually ensuring, we use NO hydrogentaed fats, NO preservatives and artificial flavourings, and source our fresh ingredients locally to support our Lancashire farmers, and to limit our Carbon output!

Jasats have become a true family business  since 2007 with the directors  recruiting  their two daughters to join  the company, and now have sights set higher than before. With a new team introducing fresh ideas and shedding new light onto old ways, we now have a strong team backing an exciting growth strategy.

Three new gems that have also joined Jasats in 2008 are rallying to ensure everyone tastes a bit of what Jasats has to offer. Sue, and Mike are the newest ambassadors of Jasats mantra, with Liz championing our goals to get our EFSIS accreditation.

Mission statement

To continue to produce high quality products, at competitive prices, available throughout the UK, and across international borders.


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