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Jasats started a little over 25 years ago, from a small terraced kitchen in the heart of Lancashire. Fuelled just by a gas cooker, Gulam Jasat and his wife Hajra Jasat were making miniature pies by the dozen.

It first started with Gulam suffering from back pain while working as a mechanic. Hajra who could turn nothing into something with her cooking skills, decided it was time to use it to her advantage. Together they identified a niche in the market, with not one halal pie to be found in the whole North West. Taking there first family sized pie to the local takeaway, was a success. All they needed now was the mini foils to make one portion pies. 6 mini mince and onion pies later Jasats now produce over 10,000 pies a week. Youíll be glad to know itís not from there terraced kitchen anymore.

Jasats became a limited company in march 2003, and now operates from a manufacturing bakery still in the heart of Lancashire. Jasats still use the same local suppliers that they first started with, and maintain that home made feel to all there products.

Gulam and Hajra uphold their original recipes, and over 25 years later still make each recipe themselves. The three most important things they maintain is FRESH quality ingredients, fresh quality ingredients and more fresh quality ingredients. Its been our mantra ever since the beginning.


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