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We just want to tell you a little bit about ourselves incase you havenít already heard of us. We are a family business based in Northwest of England and have been making delicious warm pies for over 10 years.

We set up Jasats in 1995, in the hope of introducing better pies to the world. Pies then were known to have stodgy fillings, and dry rubbery pastry. Jasats started the revolution of making amazing pies., following the simple formula of using high quality ingredients sourced from local farms, quality grade fresh British Meat, mixed together with our secret recipe, and not a hydrogenated fat or preservative in sight! So our pies are as healthy as pies go. Youíll be glad to know we didnít stop at just making pies Ė with our winning formula, jasats now have a whole range of products, ranging from  pasties, sausage rolls and samoosas to family sized meals

With our experience we at Jasats believe great tasting food comes from simply using quality fresh ingredients, and a little magic from our chef (Mrs Jasat). Since we donít let anybody make our pies pasties or samoosas, we can afford to give it to you for the very best price, thereís no 3rd person Ė its just straight from our bakery to you. We guarantee that our products give 100% taste satisfaction .We donít cut corners and donít add any additives, flavorings or potions to our pies or pastiesÖfood just  the way it should be. Its not just us saying it, speak to anybody whose had a JASATS, their our real quality checks. We have remained in the business because we maintain this very same ethos of quality cooked goods made with the finest raw ingredients.

We strive to make the best products, which is why all our products are made with the finest fresh ingredients, with potatoes and onions straight from local farmers markets, fresh quality checked meat and fresh farm cheese, all used in our secret recipes, which is why you wont get another pie that tastes quiet like ours.

Where one of the few manufacturers who are passionate about our products, for us its always been about quality of taste and we do our very best to make sure you as a customer get the best, thatís why we put our name on the brand.


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